Regardless of political positions, philosophies, preferences, party affiliations, etc., every objective person must be willing and able to recognize and acknowledge what appears to be the most significant political enemy in many cases, that of the Facing Democrats themselves! Our political elections and campaigns resemble a war of words and how the associated positions and messages are expressed. A significant difference between the so-called leaders of the two parties is that Republicans broadly come together and focus on what they see as the bigger picture of maintaining political control and the majority. Of their primary objectives, the Democrats often seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with their power struggles and failure to present a united front even when necessary! That explains why even though there are supposedly fewer registered Republicans than registered Democrats, the pendulum often swings in the so-called direction, right? With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss five examples of it. Defund the Police: Then some of the most publicized examples and cases of the Police with different approaches and what some believe is based on racism etc. When the phrase Defund, the Police was the catchphrase of this concept, what some it meant and represented much of the public, and what should have been a rallying cry became an advantage. For Republicans, in the elections!

If a party uses this as a slogan by erasing part of our history regarding race, etc., and it works in their favor, this should be a cause for concern! We continue to experience significant levels of systemic racism in many aspects of American life. Still, this buzzword is often divisive regarding political messages, and common sense, rules, etc., become a  political issue. Why would anyone in authority, a gun owner, object to at least the same level of license and registration that we have to own and operate a car? How many more have to die before we limit assault weapons and ensure gun owners are responsible citizens? Socialist/Socialism: In politics, labels often make little sense, but they are handy tools. How many people who constantly cite as an example of socialism every government program they may disagree with have a proper understanding of what that means and what it stands for? Environment/Climate: Why should anyone object to protecting our environment and providing clean air and water? Why would any sane person contradict scientists and experts and claim that climate change doesn’t exist? I think it’s about power and influence and addressing your perception.