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The Escapists: The Walking Dead

The Escapists: The Walking Dead

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The Escapists: The Walking Dead Review: Stay Alive, Evade the Walking Dead

The Escapists is, at its heart, a time management game in which you must systematically complete a sequence of everyday errands and goals to keep the other survivors alive and to keep the zombies out. Download The Escapists: The Walking Dead from the PlayStation Store.

Graphics: 3.5

The game has been designed using two-frame animation, and this does not do so much justice to 3D game lovers. However, the game’s design has delightful pixel art that is accentuated by lighthearted music. Visuals portray a warm and hilarious sensation as Rick’s head bobs whenever he runs around. However, sometimes the game becomes a victim of its own style. The miniature size of the characters at times makes it hard to differentiate between survivors and zombies.

Gameplay: 4

To ensure the safety of your dwelling, you must conduct several routine actions. These are early morning and late evening headcounts, daily chores, and mealtimes. Skipping any of the activities in a normal situation doesn't result in any severe consequences, but regularly doing so upsurges dangerous attacks. A "zombie percentage" rises when you fail to adhere to routine and decreases when you complete all your obligations. During your free time sessions, you can scavenge and explore the environment. Maintaining the daily routine is essential in keeping up your morale, which means you’ll have a better company while scavenging. If you have stronger companions, the chances are that you’ll go further. This allows you to discover better loot and find valuable items for creating superior gear. Some objects might be difficult to locate, and you can purchase them from vendors who are likely to have the things you are interested in.

Controls: 4

The game has pretty simple controls since the game does not have any complex actions. You will use the same button for attacking, picking up and also dropping items. However, there is a challenge with this as you may unintentionally throw away a useful thing at the very moment you need it. Navigation, on the other hand, is simple, as you can use the analog stick to move around.

Replay Value: 3

The game can certainly feel monotonous given the daily routine involving obligations, but many players would find it fresh and mentally stimulating. One of the key aspects is the fact that the game is progressively challenging as you continue playing and solving harder problems. Though you might not feel the same thrill after spending some time in the game, the new challenges still bring a good share of excitement.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping up on this The Escapists: The Walking Dead review, it is an ingenious puzzle game that will get you hooked to trying to solve challenges. However, the game’s storyline is not that entangling; it is not clear how the game flows from one event to the other and what the ultimate goal is. Nonetheless, the game is a great way of getting lost into the retro-looking world. Download The Escapists: The Walking Dead from the PlayStation Store.

  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game

The Escapists: The Walking Dead FAQ

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